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10 watts of power

Thunder is the perfect Bluetooth® speaker if you want a powerful, defined sound, without any distortion even at full volume. Thanks to the dual speaker and pump bass system with dual passive diaphragm and 10 watts of power, Thunder is perfect to play powerful music bursting with bass.

  • 360° audio: thanks to the two opposing drivers, you get surround sound.
  • CRYSTALLINE DEFINITION: crystal-clear, distortion-free sound quality, even at maximum volume
  • DUAL DRIVER: two drivers for medium/high frequencies to avoid any distortion
  • EXTRA-PUMP BASS: distortion-free crystal-clear high notes and powerful bass
  • Output Power: 10 watts in total
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30 watts of power

Typhoon is the Bluetooth speaker with 30 watts of power. Thanks to the shoulder strap among the accessories, you can take it with you with ease.

  • Output power: 30watt totali
  • Play Time: play your playlists for up to 10 hours
  • PUMP BASS: plays rich bass
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Compact design

Fizzy is a small, colourful Bluetooth® pocket speaker that's perfect for listening to your favourite music wherever you are and at any time of day. Made with a soft-touch frame and raised remote control buttons, Fizzy has a simple, compact design that guarantees a clean, high-quality sound thanks to the excellent balance between high and low frequencies.

  • STREAMING TOP SOUND PERFORMANCE: optimises sound quality even for streamed music
  • Clean, high-quality sound thanks to the excellent balance between high and low frequencies, despite its small size
  • Compact design with various colour combinations
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