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Sport Boost Charge

Sport Boost Charge


Be limitless

Sport Boost Charge

Secure and waterproof

Sport Boost Charge are the perfect Bluetooth earphones for sports. Their flexible earhooks ensure comfort and stability and the long battery life means you can also work out for longer. Their IPX7 certification protects the earphones from rain, sweat and submersion in water.

  • STREAMING TOP SOUND TECHNOLOGY: optimises sound quality even for streamed music
  • Double Master Function: remove, pick up with the answer button and begin the conversation with either the left or right earbud
  • Flexible external earhook for comfort and stability
  • IPX7: resistant to temporary submersion in water down to 1 metre.
Sport Boost Charge

The longest life for your performance

Once you've finished your workout, the earphones can be conveniently and practically stowed away back in the charger case.

  • Play time: 45h
  • Charging Power Case: the case lets you charge both earphones up to 5 times
  • PUMP BASS: plays rich bass
  • True Wireless Stereo technology: connects two Bluetooth stereo headsets completely wirelessly
  • USB-C cable included


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Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

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Sport Boost Charge