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Charge in evidence!

EVADE 2 is the evolution of Evade, the in-ear headset that fits perfectly in the ear and provides excellent passive insulation from external noise. The case has a charge indicator on the front and LED lights inside that turn on when the case is opened. The case allows you to charge the earphones up to 6 times for a total of 30 hours of PlayTime.

  • PASSIVE NOISE ISOLATION: the ear shape of the earphone ensures a good fit inside the ear and isolates the user from external noise
  • CHARGING CASE WITH LED DISPLAY: The charging case allows the earphones to be charged up to 6 times for a total play-time of 30 hours, and the LED screen indicates the charging status of the case
  • LED LIGHTS: which are activated when the case is opened and make the earphones visible even in the dark
  • 30 hours of playtime

Dual Master function

The Dual Master function allows you to answer incoming calls with both the right and left headset.

  • BUTTON CONTROLS: to manage music, calls and volume
  • DUAL MASTER: to pull out the left or right earpiece and start the conversation



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