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Only music.


ANC technology, which reduces background noise

Let yourself by immersed by the KYMA headphones, as any background noise disappears and you'll just be left with the powerful, clear sound of your music. The Active Noise Cancelling technology can guarantee acoustic isolation by reducing any background noise. The powerful, rich bass will give you an incredible listening experience.

  • ACTIVE NOISE-CANCELLING: cancels out any background noise in one simple step
  • EXTRA-PUMP BASS: distortion-free crystal-clear high notes and powerful bass thanks to the 40 mm neodymium drivers

15 minutes of charge is enough for 4 hours of non-stop play-time!

Kyma headphones can be quickly charged and with just 15 minutes of charge you can get 4 hours of play-time. Their soft earphones and foldable design ensure they're comfortable and easy to carry. The travel case lets you take Kyma with you, wherever you go with ease.

  • FAST RECHARGE: just 15 minutes provide 4 hours of extra listening time
  • Foldable design: folding earphones to be conveniently stowed away when not in use or for easy transportation
  • CLEAR VOICE MICROPHONE: optimises phone call quality