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Andrea Sologni

Music is about experimenting with new sounds

Born in Correggio (Reggio Emilia) in 1982, Andrea Sologni (aka Sollo) is a bass player, singer, producer and sound engineer, member of Gazebo Penguins, an Italian post-hardcore/emocore band founded in 2004.

What does passion mean for him? Getting up every morning and going to a recording studio, working on the production of sounds, on a keyboard, and trying out new ways of making music, in a word: experimentation!

Andrea Sologni currently works at Red Bull Studio Mobile in Milan where he has recorded and mixed several albums including “Playlist” by Salmo (that went platinum 4 times) and “Clash” by Ensi. As a producer, he has also worked with many top Italian songwriters and artists, and not just from the Indie scene: Jovanotti, Ghemon, Frah Quintale, Johnny Marsiglia and others.

He created the sound logo for Audio Quality Lab, a trademark in sound for our accessories linked to the world of Bluetooth speakers. In his video interview, Andrea talked to us about the idea that led to the creation of the Audio Quality Lab sound logo and explained how it all came about. The first stage was recording the rhythm session that was then mixed with a track of a human heartbeat converted into an electronic drum. The melody was created using two different sounds: one is more acoustic using synthesizers, and the other was created using a trumpet playing a more synthetic and artificial sound. To finish, a bass track was also added to give it all more depth. The result? A beat with a dab and hip hop sound!




Foldable design

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