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Sport Skip

Sport Skip


Let your music guide you

Sport Skip

Ultra-secure earhook

Sport Skip are the ultra-lightweight sport earphones with an ultra-secure external earhook that are perfect for anyone who wants to exercise while listening to their favourite music.

  • Flexible external earhook for comfort and stability
Sport Skip

Rain- and sweat-proof

Thanks to their IPX4 certification, the Sport Skip earphones are rain and sweat-resistant, so they're perfect to use when training either outdoors or in the gym. What's more, thanks to their Crystalline Definition technology, you get crisp audio with crystal-clear treble.

  • IPX4: Rain and sweat-resistant
  • STREAMING TOP SOUND TECHNOLOGY: optimises sound quality even for streamed music
  • CRYSTALLINE DEFINITION: crystal-clear, distortion-free sound quality, even at maxi


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Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

You may request a free “one for one” trade-in for end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment (known as WEEE). However, this trade-in requires the customer to purchase a new equivalent device and it must be requested at the same time as the purchase. Please use this free system to get rid of your WEEE and do not throw them away.
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Sport Skip